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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Create a Price Coupon Cheat Sheet

One of the biggest hurdles of extreme couponing is learning how to distinguish a good deal from the best deal. When you first learn how to use coupons, you are going to see deals all over the place. If you aren’t used to regularly saving 70 to 90% off of your grocery bill, saving $1 on your favorite brand of cereal may seem like a deal you can’t beat.

Unfortunately, saving just $1 isn’t always the best course of action. When used correctly, that $1 can make it so you aren’t paying anything or are paying pennies, rather than a couple dollars.

So, how do you know if you got rock bottom prices?

Creating a price shopping cheat sheet can help you remember the lowest prices the item is available for. Once you figure out the lowest prices, you can learn the sale cycles and learn how to get those sweet deals.

When you first start out extreme couponing, you should sit down and write a list of 20 items that your home uses. Research past deals on these brands and try to come up with a great stockpile price. You will use this as a guide when you shop.

Here is an example. If you have a dog, you are going to be buying dog food a lot. Dog food coupons usually only take $1 or $2 off of your total. Some stores will offer printable dog food coupons that stack with these coupons and any in-store promotions. Find when your brand goes on sale, then deduct these coupons and write the amount on your cheat sheet. Try not to pay more than that amount for your pet food.

There are plenty of websites out there that keep a regular cheat sheet that you can see what deals other people are getting easily. Coupon websites also help you to match up sale flyers and show you when the best deals are available. Find a few that you like and browse their previous posts to try and look for sale patterns.

Remember that there are plenty of other ways to save money besides printable coupons. Walgreens register rewards and CVS Extra Care Bucks are a great example of how you can get a great price even lower. App programs like Ibotta are also great for an extra rebate!

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