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Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to Learn Store Coupon Policies

Taking advantage of store coupon policies is what extreme couponers do. The idea is actually pretty simple when you think about it. Match up the store sales to your coupons while following their rules.

Every store has their own policy regarding coupon use. Some stores, such as Dollar Tree and Walmart, limit the use of printable coupons. They might also limit price matching. Some will also refuse competitors coupons.

How Do You Get Around Store Coupon Policy?

In a nutshell, you don’t. If you are going to use coupons, you have to follow their rules. Each coupon is a contract and to use them outside of the contract is considered fraud.

Some people who have just figured out how to use coupons may accidently use the wrong coupon, and that is a little different. Usually, a cashier will correct you if the coupon is being used incorrectly.

The Benefits of Knowing Store Coupon Policies

Understanding the rules of coupons can come in handy in many instances. New cashiers, for example, are often just as confused about using coupons as you are. Print the store coupon policy and carry it with you. If something seems wrong, ask to speak with a manager.

Store Coupon Lingo

  • Stacking – Using a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon. This term may also be used with phone app deals.
  • Double – Will your store double the value of your coupon?  Ask ahead of time so you know before you shop!
  •  Overage – When your coupon value exceeds the cost of an item, some stores will allow you to spend the difference elsewhere in the store.

  • Internet Printable Coupons– Will your store accept printable coupon?  

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