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Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Make Money with the Ibotta App

I love talking about Ibotta. It's not just that I am earning a ton of money back on my groceries, it is that I am actually starting to make money using the app. It's pretty easy to get good payouts using the app, especially if you use it every time you shop. Here are some of the best ways extreme couponing experts maximize their savings and how to make money with the Ibotta referral code.

First of all, you can start making money online with Ibotta the minute you download the app. Simply browse the current store rebates and go shopping. Get the items you want, scan the bar codes and upload the receipt. Once you hit $5 or more in rebates, just transfer it to Paypal!

That's Saving Money... How Do I Get Free Stuff?

Your Ibotta rebates stack with everything else you do in the transaction. So, you can still use your store coupons, manufacturer's coupons, other apps, or mail in rebates. That means you have more ways to make money, rather than just save it... Here is an easy (fake) example to illustrate my point...

XYZ Brand Milk.... Store Price: $5
Sale Price: $4
Store Coupon for $1 off
Manufacturer's Coupon for $1 off
Price at register: Now $2...
Mail in Rebate ... $1
Shopium App - $1 rebate
Ibotta App .... 0.50 rebate

Now, in my pretend example, you stacked a sale price with a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon, causing the price to drop to $2. Then, you submitted your other rebates ($1) from a competitor shopping app, sent in your rebate ($1) and then cashed in on Ibotta (.50). See how it adds up?

While that is a pretend example, this kind of stacking happens every day! Use different printable coupons or apps to find ways to maximize savings!

What is the Ibotta Referral Code?

Well, mine is:

There is a reason I keep sharing that link! After you sign up and redeem your first offer, I will get a $5 referral bonus from Ibotta. This money goes straight to my balance. Since $5 is the minimum needed for a Paypal cash out from Ibotta, I can transfer the funds right away.

That doesn't mean there isn't anything in it for you. You get put on my Ibotta team, which allows you to complete bonuses at a faster rate. The more friends you have on your team, the easier it is for you to get additional free money from redeeming offers.

You also get a $2 Bonus when you redeem your first offer!

Everyone who signs up for the FREE shopping app also gets their own referral code, so they can refer their friends as well. That means anyone can turn this into an easy money making deal.

Hope this answered some of your questions about how to use Ibotta to save money. If you haven't already, sign up for the app using my referral code. Again, it is free!!!

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