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Monday, July 28, 2014

Inbox Dollars Rewards Extreme Couponers for Using Printable Coupons!

Companies pay a lot to make sure coupon users see their merchandise. Several companies are rewarded when you use printable coupons. The difference between Inbox Dollars and the other companies is that they pass these savings on to you! This money making website gives users access to plenty of coupons and then credits them 10 cents for every one that they redeem. Learn more about how Inbox Dollars can help you and your family save money.

Inbox Dollars offers a lot of different ways to make money online. While those using the website to take surveys, read emails or play games may not have huge payouts, those using the site to print coupons may be rewarded quite well.

The printable coupons that are listed on the coupon website are the same as the ones listed on You still get two prints from each account, so long as its being accessed from a different computer. Every time you redeem the coupon, your account is credited 10 cents. After you reach $30, you can request a check.

To reach a $30 payout on coupons alone, you would need to print 300 coupons. As someone just learning how to coupon and save money, this may seem like a lot. Personally, I use many printable coupons each week.

The point of mentioning this isn't to get you to use coupons more or print coupons that you don't need. If you are already printing coupons online, why not take this extra step and get a little money back?

Plus, if your close to payout and anxious to get paid, you can always get money for reading emails or playing games. Trust me, it all adds up!

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