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Friday, July 4, 2014

Wet N Wild Deals with New Coupons

CVS has some great sales this week on Wet N Wild. The current sale is Buy 2 Get 1 Free, and that goes on until 7/5. So, today or tommorrow you have the potential to pick up some great deals, especially when you combine them with coupons from the 6/29 paper.

Depending on your region, you could get $1/1 or $2/2.99 or more purchase in you paper. If you got the $1/1 coupon, you have a potential moneymaker when using multiple coupons.

The regular CVS prices range from $0.99 to $3.99, depending on the product. Be very careful of prices, as some .99 products look very simular to their more expensive counterparts. Here is how to do the deal depending on what coupons you have available.

If using the $2 off of $2.99 coupon...

Buy 9 0.99 products. With the sale, you will be paying for 6. The total will come to just over $6 after tax. Use TWO of the $2 off coupons to bring the total to $2 plus tax. The products I used were the Wild Shine Nailpolish and Lipsticks.

If Using the $1 off of 1 Coupon....

Purchase a mix of products, but pay attention to prices. CVS doesn't give cash back, so make sure your coupon total doesn't exceed the overall cost of the items. Use one coupon per product (so 3 coupons per 3 items). You will earn $1 for each set of three, and you can use the overage on more expensive products to create a tax-only total.

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