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Monday, July 28, 2014

What is an Extreme Couponing Stockpile?

The word “stockpile” is used by a lot of coupon websites and shoppers. When you are first learning how to coupon, it may be difficult to try and figure out how to store your shopping hauls. If you are couponing correctly, you will get a lot of free stuff and it will pile up. So, how do you store it? What items do you include in your stockpile?

How to Get Free Stuff is Easy

Getting free stuff using coupons is the easy part of extreme couponing after you get the hang of it. The problem many couponers face is that they need to store things until the next sale cycle rolls around. They also may find a deal that is well below the rock bottom price or free. If that’s the case, it’s hard not to grab 30 or 40 shampoos.

As you can see from my organization video on YouTube, I live in a small house. I don’t have room to store 40 bottles of shampoo, especially if I want to make sure I have body wash, deodorant and laundry soap in stock. I’m limited to a cabinet and a three-shelf bookcase in addition to some nooks and crannys.

Learn What to Store in Your Stockpile

As mentioned before, most sales roll around every six weeks, so there is no need to go crazy when you find discounts on groceries. The point of couponing is to make sure we are living comfortable without spending a lot of money. You aren’t doing that if you have to turn your couch into your new soup storage shelf.

Be very selective of what you buy and what you choose to put in your stockpile. If it will go bad and can’t be frozen, don’t buy a lot of it. Choose grocery items that won’t go bad for months or years and rotate them as you make new purchases. Things that I always recommend for a stockpile are:
  • ·         Pasta and Pasta Sauce
  • ·         Rice
  • ·         Soups and Canned Goods
  • ·         Ramen Noodles
  • ·         Helper Skillet Meals (especially Tuna and Chicken)
  • ·         Canned Tuna or Chicken

The reason I suggest these items is because there is a lot you can do with these items meal wise. If you can’t afford to buy groceries one week, pasta and sauce or Tuna Helper can become a meal. If you have a little money, you only need to buy a protein to make a meal with rice (Even hotdogs or smoked sausage can go great with rice!). Canned veggies and fruits can also serve as a quick addition to a meal or serve as a backup if you can’t afford to buy fresh that week.

Toiletries, pet food and paper goods should also be included in your stockpile. These are the items I tend to stock up on and usually have more than a six weeks supply on hand. This gives me more time to wait for a deal where I am only paying a few cents or nothing at all. Toiletries and paper goods don’t go bad either!

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