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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Who Says You Can't Eat Healthy on a Budget?

I just got from a very pleasant shopping trip at Publix. I have always tried to tell people that there are PLENTY of healthy choice meals available that you can save money on. Many people shy away from extreme couponing because they think that they can only get junk food. This great deal on Quaker Real Medleys is just one example of how apps like Ibotta saves money! Read the breakdown and how to get these great products below!

This deal is considered nothing out of the ordinary, so you won't find it on many other extreme couponing websites. What sets it apart is that Quaker doesn't go on sale often, and Ibotta makes it a pretty manageable price. I would also like to point out that there are a ton of Publix moneymaker deals this week, so you may be able to get these cheaper than I did.

What I love about this deal is that there are no Quaker coupons needed to do it. Usually, you have to find printable coupons online to make an Ibotta deal dirt cheap. You arn't matching any Quaker sale prices either, so the deal can be performed for as long as the offer is up.

Products Included:
Real Medleys Multigrain Cereal... 3.99
Warm & Crunchy Granola... 3.99
Real Medleys Fruit and Nut Bars... 3.99

I got lucky and the cereal was 2/$6.00, but that is only a .99 savings.

I bought one of each, and my total came to $10.98, but I will get $3 in Ibotta rebates. Because I am buying 3 items, it will also trigger my Triple Play bonus and get me to the first bonus level for August. There is also a Quaker Up! bonus for $1 when you get all 3. That's an extra $2 in savings. So for all three, it is like paying $5.98

My $5 in rebates total is also enough to get a PayPal payout. So, I got my rebate right away!

That's not bad considering there are 8 packets in the oatmeal, 5 bars and 8 servings of cereal. That's a week's worth of healthy breakfasts for me :)

Don't have Ibotta yet? Download the app using this Ibotta referral code and get an extra $2 when you redeem your first offer!

Ibotta has a ton of rebates that can help you get more savings on other healthier foods! Eat the way you want and save money!!!

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