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Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to Price Match Huggies at Walmart

Price matching Huggies diapers at Walmart has quickly become a hot topic in the world of extreme couponing. This issue is that a Dollar General ad listed "any size" Huggies for a set price, but they do not carry the large sizes that Walmart does. Some couponers have tried to price match the deal at Walmart only to be disappointed when the store says no. This resulted in a lot of confusion over whether or not the price match deal was legit, and whether or not extreme couponers should be attempting this deal. This article explores Walmart's price matching policy and helps you decide.
One of the biggest complaints people have been having about Walmart lately is in reguards to their ad match policy. Few coupon websites and blogs choose to address this issue, as it is touchy with some extreme couponers. For those who don't already have it, the Walmart price match policy can be found here.

Walmart does have an ad match garantee, and they should honor it as much as they possibly can. This situation is unique, however, and not the first.

There are two stipulations that can apply to this situation and the first one is right there in the policy.

  • Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

This stipulation says the items must be identical. Since the ad says "any size," it is referring to "any size found at Dollar General." I am not a Walmart authority or the coupon police, but that is how I would interpret it. The Dollar General doesn't carry such large sizes, so they can state a much lower price in their weekly ad.

There is also another thing that I would like to point out that isn't in the policy. Walmart managers can use discretion when price matching, just as they can at any other store. Corporate can also choose not to honor a price match if they feel it isn't consistent with their policies. In this case, it is the size.

How to Price Match Huggies at Walmart

Should another price match for Huggies come up, here is how you would go about getting the low price. 

1) Check to make sure the sizes in the ad match the product you have
2) Check to make sure the ad is not misprinted and that it complies with policies
3) While you don't need the ad, bring it anyway. Remember, Internet prices are not honored.
4) Tell your cashier you have a price match.
5) Show them the ad. They will do the rest.

One thing to keep in mind when price matching anything at Walmart is that if it sounds like it is too good of a deal, it probably is. Extreme couponing deals happen all of the time and it is easy to get excited when we see a potential deal. If the store tells you "no," you have the option to call corporate or discuss things with a store manager. This is true for almost any store that has a price matching policy.

I hope that helps, as I know a lot of people had questions about how to price match at Huggies and whether or not this was a valid deal. 

Comments are disabled on this post. This article was formulated based on research and my opinions. It does not reflect Walmart as a company. The content is not associated with Walmart or any other store. Thank you.