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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My $10 Walgreens Trip NO COUPONS USED

Normally, $10 can go a long way at Walgreens, especially when apps like Ibotta are involved. I had to pick up milk on the way home from work, but I didn't want to walk out of the store with a not-so-great deal. I remembered there were a ton of Ibotta coupon matchups at Walgreens, but I did not have wi-fi access in the store or the printable coupons to use. So let's see how much I could save on this great beginners Walgreens Scenario!

First of all, here is the breakdown of what I got on 8/6/14:

Transaction 1:

Mio on sale for $3
Paid $3 at register, got $3 in Register Rewards

Transactions 2 & 3:

Crystal Light liquid on sale for $3
Paid $3 at the register, got $3 in Register Rewards

Transaction 4:

One White Cheddar Chex Mix Popped $2.99
One Sweet and Salty Chex Mix Popped $2.99
One Gallon of Milk $4.36

Used $9 in Register Rewards from first transactions

Paid $1.36 at the register

So, that's $10.36 out of pocket. Now, I'm going to add in my Ibotta savings to show you how my extreme couponing trip cost even less!

There are .75 rebates on each of the Chex Mix, plus a .50 bonus when you buy both
There is a .25 rebate on one gallon of milk

So, that's $2.25 in Ibotta rebates, bringing my total to $8.36. Now, if I had printable coupons, I could have brought the total down even lower:

Imagion how I can save money if I had used the coupons with my purchase! The Ibotta coupon matchups could have gotten me another $3.50 off (If I chose another crystal light, rather than mio), bringing my total down to less than $5!

Don't have Ibotta yet? Get the shopping app that everyone is talking about and get an extra $2 when you redeem your first offer!

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