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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The TOP 5 APPS No Extreme Couponer Should Be Without

There have been so many shopping apps released the past few weeks, but frankly, there is only so much space on my Atrix. Lately, I have been asked what apps I use with my coupons and what has netted me the most money. Of corse, I will always name Ibotta and Shopium, and keep my referral codes widely available. (See Below)

Ibotta Referral Code:
Shopmium Referal Code: YEHGAFRT 

The point is, there are dozens of coupon apps out there, but which ones will save you the most money? Check out these top free apps for coupons and learn why extreme couponers everywhere are carrying their mobile devices with them!

I'd like to start out saying that these top apps are all ones that I use. I have been told great things about Savings Star, Upromise, Shopkick, Yowza and Receipt Hog. There are also several price comparison apps and some that let you print coupons using your mobile device. Whether you are hoping to gain access to more printable coupons or just want to get ahold of a digital sale ad, shopping apps are here to save the day.

Why These Apps Arn't On The List
I am speaking from experience and I want to share information that I have learned over the years. I only have so many room for rebate apps on my phone, I can print coupons online and use coupon websites ahead of time to get my pricing. In addition, I only included two store apps on my list because they have been the most profitable to me. Without further ado, here is my top 5 shopping apps list.

Ibotta App Reviews
Ibotta is by far my most profitable shopping app. It has a ton of rebates and is very user friendly. The $5 minimum withdraw is pretty easy to hit with 3 or 4 rebates and it goes straight into my Paypal. Receipts are analyzed pretty quickly too. What makes this so profitable is the Ibotta referral codes. When you refer a friend to Ibota, you receive $5. Your friend gets an extra $2 when they redeem their first rebate. I outlined how to make money with Ibotta here.

To get started, use this Ibota referral codes:

Shopmium App Reviews
Shopmium is very simular to Ibotta but offers different items. The sign on bonus is a little different and a Shopmium referral code will get you a free Lindt chocolate bar. Unlike Ibotta, Shopmium will deposit rebates right after the receipt is processed. Because the rebates can be used on top of your normal coupons and Ibotta, you can save even more money or get free groceries. Use referral code YEHGAFRT  to sign up.

Checkout 51 Reviews
Unlike the other two savings apps I outlined, Checkout 51 does not have a referral program. Why this app makes my Top 5 list is that it frequently has healthy, brandless items like bananas or tomatoes. Milk and eggs are frequently on the list as well. To me, it just seems more practical than some of the others. 

Like Shopmium and Ibotta, Checkout 51 can be combined with other offers that you are receiving. You are essentially stacking savings on top of savings, depending on how many different coupon apps you have.

Target Cartwheel Reviews
I had to add Cartwheel app to my list because it is one of the best store apps I have used. Its easy, gives you rebates at the register and keeps you informed. The rebates can get to pretty high percentages and stack with printable coupons and other offers. I also think that Cartwheel's popularity kick started some of the more recent shopping apps that CVS, Walgreens and some grocery stores have.

I've used Cartwheel app on tons of items and it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to save money at Target!

Walmart Savings Catcher
Since I started learning how to coupon, I don't find myself in Walmart very often. I know that the Walmart Savings Catcher app is still pretty new, but I know people who have saved a lot of money on single receipts. The processing time takes awhile, but the savings can really add up. I included it in my top 5 because it is very straightforward and does most of the work for you. Unlike other recent store apps, it is much more than an online Walmart ad. Again, it is easy to see why this one is so popular shortly after its launch!

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