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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tips for Feeding 5 People at Publix

I’m going to post this here because I think it could be very helpful to new couponers. Even if you have to skip some of the coupons, there are some great deals with this Publix ad. A post in a Facebook group asked how they could feed a family of 5 with just over $100 this week, so I shared the haul I am getting, plus a few other tips. If you are in the same group as me, you may have seen these tips before. Date of post is 11/18/14.

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Here is what I plan on buying today at Publix:

10 Green Giant Steamers, on sale BOGO, coupon for $1/2 found in store at some locations,

10 Betty Crocker potatoes 10/$10 newspaper coupon for 50/2,

6 Beneful dog treats BOGO with BOGO q,

4 Marie Calenders Family Size Dinners BOGO plus $2/4 Target Q (there is a deal for pot pie 4 packs too but Im out of freezer space)

8 Tastings Cheese, B2G1 Publix Q and .75/1 newspaper q (I have 8 coupons and one computer otherwise I would get 9),

2 Chex Mix Cereals $1/1 Printable but there is an Ibotta cereal rebate and a Publix q for $2 off milk that goes with it.

My total will be about $60 before coupons assuming I can get 10 steamers and 10 packs of potatoes, $34 at the register but get a $10 gift card. I heard Chow Mein is an unadvertised BOGO this week, so I will be using my 25 coupons over the next few days (My store limits to 8 coupons or 10 Bogo deals, so I would need to buy in sets of 6) I also got free South Beach Diet Bars last week as well.

If I had 5 people to feed, I would get more of the marie callenders, stock up on more veggies or get some of the Del Monte, Hormel dinners are like $5 and there is a printable for them, I'd try for the V8 deal, and then fill in the rest with fruit, chow mein/ramen, deli meat, crackers and bread (ibotta rebate for bread). In addition, I would do all 3 of the quaker deals on ibotta to get a mix of hot cereal, snack bars and another box of cereal. Pasta and sauce is always on sale there too, and that can be a great filler item. Cambells soups are also on sale and there are coupons.

Hope that helps!

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