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Monday, December 29, 2014

Going on a Spending Diet? 4 Money Saving Services Help!

Going on a spending diet is never easy. Most people have issues making major lifestyle changes, especially when they all come at once. Did you know there are dozens of small things you can do to save money? If you are already clipping coupons and want to know 4 services that can help improve your savings then look no further!

There are many areas where we need to improve ourselves in order to get the most for our money. I would recommend clipping more coupons and reading coupon matchups, if you haven’t already. Ibotta coupon matchups, for example, can help you stretch your coupon savings even more. I won’t go into the details of how to use Ibotta or how much money you can save by using Ibotta. Instead, I am going to focus on areas that you might not already know about.

Please note: Each of the programs and apps I have selected for this article on saving money offer referral bonuses. Use my referral links to get an extra bonus. J

Inbox Dollars Review

I’ve talked about how much I love Inbox Dollars before, mostly because I can earn money just by printing coupons and using them. Paid emails and surveys can work well as a small boost in income, but I mostly focus on the .10 rebate for every coupon I print and use. That’s a simple step you can take to help you counteract the high cost of ink and paper!

Dubli Rebates Add Savings to Online Shopping

More and more people are shopping online. The Dubli Network allows you to take it one step further, giving you a rebate to shop at your favorite online stores. Simply use the toolbar and hit activate before you checkout. You don’t need to go through a referral hub or submit receipts. It’s very straightforward and easy to use. You may have read in some other Dubli reviews that it is a paid service. While the savings do multiply with a paid Dubli subscription, the free version is just as good!

Ditch the Cable Bill with HULU

Cable bills are getting higher and higher every year. Several of my friends have talked about how they spend $60 - $100 on cable every month. One thing that I did to get rid of my cable bill was to switch to HULU. The HULU service has new shows ready for streaming, plus a bunch of classics. I could watch 3rd Rock from the Sun all day if I wanted, but am always able to catch the new Once Upon a Time and Hell’s Kitchen the day after they air. Not bad for $7.99. Use the free trial period to see all the cool shows and movies on HULU!

Avoid High Cab Fees with Alternative Transportation

Alternative transportation is a hot topic in the taxi industry. I could tell you a million different cab stories, but what it really comes down to money and speed of service. Personally, I am a huge fan of Lyft because the company charges about half of what a typical taxi charges and I usually get personal driver in a few minutes. Lyft service reviews are generally more positive because you are dealing with an independently contracted person, rather than a company. The easy app also makes it perfect for people who are in a hurry. Just activate, request a lyft ride and your driver follows the GPS right to you!

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