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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Save on Basic Groceries with Ibotta Coupon App

There are always great deals with the Ibotta app that get overlooked. While I was preparing my next Ibotta coupon matchup, I noticed that Ibotta was adding more and more basic groceries to their rebate list. This is an amazing thing, because we rarely get coupons for milk or bread, but we still need to pick them up each week. Here are some great rebates extreme couponers can use to cut their costs on grocery necessities without relying on moneymakers at the stores.

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One Gallon of Milk - .25
Any Peanut Butter - .25
One Dozen Eggs - .25
Loaf of Bread - .25

Orange Juice - .25

It doesn't matter if you are Walmart shopping or looking for the latest Publix deals, those rebates can help you out. Several stores have these rebates underneith them, including Whole Foods. Don't let the amount of these rebates fool you, they are still very valuable, especially if you just need a small push towards your Ibotta team bonus. So, the next time you are Target shopping or picking up a few things at Walgreens, remember these hot little deals and save money on the things you use every day!

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