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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beer Wine & Spirts Ibotta Rebates for Cinco De Mayo

Getting ready for your Cinco de Mayo party? Don't forget to use your Ibotta app to help you get discounts on alcohol this year! Ibotta Beer Wine and Spirits cash back rebates are available to help you indulge in some of the best beer for Cinco de Mayo 2015! Learn more about cash back alcohol rebates from Ibotta and save money on your favorite drinks!

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First of all, Ibotta alcohol rebates are not available in every state. Here is a chart from the Ibotta website that explains more about where you can get these discounts. They are limited by state regulations.

Wine Beer Spirits
Missouri MississippiNorth Carolina
MississippiNorth CarolinaNew Jersey
North CarolinaNew JerseyPennsylvania
New JerseyPennsylvaniaTexas
West Virginia

Now, if you arn't in one of those states, keep reading to see what cool discounts are available for Cinco de Mayo 2015!

Beer Wine Spirits Ibotta Rebates

Shocktop Beer Case - $4 Rebate
Veev spirits - $7 cash back offer
Strongbow (Variety Pack Pictured) - $4 offer
Strongbow Gold Apple 4 pack - $2
Strong bow Gold Apple 6 pk - $2 cash back rebate
Strongbow Honey & Apple - $2 cash back rebate
Forty Creek - $3
Wild Turkey S1 - $3 cash back rebate
Wild Turkey 101 - $3 cash back rebate
Wood Chuck 6 pack  - $ 1 cash back rebate
New Castle beer case - $3 cash back rebate
Desperados - $2 cash back rebate

Other Beers and Spirits on Ibotta

Mike's Hard
Cayman Jack
Palm Breeze (and any brand chips)
JP Wisers

More alcoholic beverages may appear in your Ibotta depending on which region of the United States you are in. The majority of the rebates are available in all liqour stores, with very few being store-exclusive. Check your Ibotta app for cash back offers before hitting the liquor store Cinco de Mayo Tuesday and see if you can save money on your favorite brands.

Keep in mind that Ibotta offers will vary from time to time. Check your app to see what is available in your area before going to the store!

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If you need help understanding the app, please look at this guide for assistance.

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