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About Us

Theresa Neal was born to be a writer. Ever since she was little, she has comprised short stories, scripts, and poems. Most of these were kept hidden away so that she could pursue her education. She began to work as a professional content writer and journalist in 2010. It was only until recently she decided to share her fiction with the world. Her recent move to Florida made her want to pursue her writing career further.

Since she has started working a part time job, she noticed a common problem in America. Most people live on very tight budgets and cannot afford to feed their families. Personally, she was spending about $100 a week in groceries to feed two people. When she lived alone, it was about $50 per week. That's a huge portion of anyone's budget, especially those who are working minimum wage jobs.

When she started couponing, she was in shock. "I spend about $20 a week in groceries without going to extremes." Because of her busy schedule, she tries to keep her couponing and grocery shop planning to under an hour a day. While some extreme couponers spend 30 to 40 hours a week planning on getting free stuff with printable coupons, Theresa prefers to take the easy route.

Anyone can find the time to clip coupons, visit apps and read about deals. While coupons can be complex and learning how to coupon is difficult, it is well worth it. Use our coupon website as a resource and slowly learn how to save money using coupons without going to extremes.


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  2. Hi Neal, is there a way i can get your personal email to discuss about writing??